My girl, we’re getting there! As you may or may not know, Nyasha Matonhodze is my current “it” girl, and will likely hold this coveted title for quite some time. Shot by Norman Jean Roy, for American Vogue‘s “Steal of the Month” feature in their December 2011 issue, Nyasha makes her first ever appearance in the U.S. version of the glossy.

This is somewhat of a big deal, as this could potentially equate to an editorial story come next year. Or, perhaps she’ll become a Vogue-regular?? Well, let’s not jump the gun, but all signs are pointing in that direction, considering her blue-chip Vuitton campaign, stellar SS12 show season (47 shows total, of which she closed 2, one of which was Balenciaga), slew of captivating editorials (Numéro x 2, W, Vogue Japan, LOVE Magazine, etc.), and shmoozing with Anna + the Voguettes at DVF’s Parisian apartment, to name a few credentials.

Only time will tell (fingers crossed), but in the meantime, this is a moment to savour. Seriously, how sensational does she look? #lessismore

Photo: models.com



    • Thanks for the link, Abigael! Fortunately, I speak French, so I was able to read the piece without translating back. I love how some refer to her as “the black Venus of the third millenium”, according the piece. Not quite sure if I’d use those words exactly, but I get the gist.

  1. hello

    I’m really happy for this young woman. The first time I saw a picture of Nyasha, I was wondering why I’ve never seen this face with such beauty on a luxury advertising? But that was before Louis Vuitton. Since I’m waiting to see her in other commercials as strong

      • re-hello
        Thank you for the video, and I am once again happy to see her work for major brands.
        So we’re going esper Balenciaga

        Thank you for this exchange and I at the next

  2. This honor is well-deserved. I screamed with joy when I saw her at the Versace for H&M show. Nyasha’s one to watch in fashion. I pray that she becomes a Vogue staple. Maybe she’ll become a coveted Victoria’s Secret model?

    • I think she’s only 17, which is too young for VS? But, whether or not she becomes a VS angel, my hopes are that she has a lengthy/consistent career. Her SS12 show season was incredible, which proves that she’s in demand. She was featured in Balenciaga’s Resort 2012 lookbook + video, then closed the SS12 show. This HAS to be a recipe for a campaign booking; fingers crossed!


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