Made famous by the uber popular tumblelog, Sexy-SweatersI can’t help but want to wear a super sexy sweater myself, now that it’s snow white outside and my bare arms are insisting they be covered. The duo behind the colourful tumblr blog, Alec and Greta, are bombarded with the same question multiple times per minute: “where can I buy a sweater?“, to which they’ve answered in their FAQ: “you can’t yet! we hope to start selling some of these in the future, but nothing’s been decided yet.” – lame. Until that glorious day arrives, we look abroad to our favourite brands for sweaters that are sexy. TOPMAN to the rescue (queue music)! Their FW11 collection, sold online at The Bay, has a few sexy options to get  you through these  frigid months. If you’re a hipster, well, consider this a year-round investment. My eyes are zeroing in on the oh-so-classy Country Mickey Mouse. Not only is it on trend (check D&G FW11), but I owe my life to Mickey Mouse, which we’ll discuss another time never. My twitter friend @SergioKletnoy would covet the throwback MTV logo version as he’s a music liver, aka recommending. With that said, click a sweater and go get sexy.



Which sexy TOPMAN sweater is you? Tweet me – @lebigt, or tell me below!




    • Yeah, it’ll be sad to see D&G go, but exciting to see what’s to come with Dolce&Gabbana as a brand. To my knowledge, they’re somehow incorporating those lower price points into the mainline, so it’ll vary from, literally, high to low.

      Long live Mickey Mouse! It’s such a cute piece, and reasonably priced, too. The MTV one is another classic that I’d probably wear all the time. Xmas is around the corner; all gifts can be sent to my home address. Thanks! 😉


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