With the steady decline of Blackberry sales, and popularity vs. the iPhone, it’s time for RIM to shake things up a bit, no?. Recently, I was tweeting back and forth with a fellow #T, Zachary Todd of Ostentology and Personally Public Relations, regarding the blind eye RIM is turning to catering to the fashion crowd. “Look at any Fashion week street photos and you’ll find that Blackberry and iPhones are a fashionista’s only option. #realtalk”. Zach’s right, but Apple has already embraced fashion, and continues to do so, with the thousands of apps for labels, magazines, etc. Meanwhile, Blackberry lingers, riding on the coat tails of BBM. RIM, it’s time to make a move; a series of limited edition collaborations sounds like it would do the trick.

Sure, you may be thinking… “it’s been done”: LG and Prada/Versace/Jil Sander. Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana. Vertu and Cartier. ModeLabs and TAG Heuer/Christian Dior. Samsung and Armani. But, it’s yet to be done with a powerhouse smartphone like the Blackberry. The one label that immediately shot to my head was Alexander Wang, naturally. Zach, on the other hand, proposed a few others, including Proenza Schouler, Gucci (which I quickly shut down), Thakoon, and another, which probably makes the most sense, DKNY; If you don’t already follow DKNY PR GIRL (@dkny) on Twitter/Tumblr, you’ll be clueless as to the reasoning behind this selection – figure it out. Her theme(s), I feel, would surely pay homage to NYC – taxi cabs, central park, Manhattan skylines, and those delightful illustrations of her stomping through the big city. Perhaps the inception of a special DKNY key (replacing one of the uppercase keys “aA↑”) which directs the user to an all-new DKNY World app – shopping, collections, news, blog, etc.? If she ever sees this post, I’d love for her to express how she’d design her dream Blackberry, if  a collab ever came to fruition. Anyways, this was all just a thought.

“These hypothetical collabs are making me sweat.” – Zach Todd (@Ostentology)



  1. Okay, where do I begin…I clearly misunderstood Zach’s comment, but at least now you know what my opinion is 🙂 I’m sure you had sleepless nights because you didn’t so far 🙂 I’m always interested in the behavior of people, that my might be the reason why I focused on the consumers. But we both agree on the point of this post: BB needs changes, they are in trouble. Now I also agree that moving towards fashion might be “a” or maybe even “the” right step for them, they need to find a niche in which they can be unique.
    The best part in talking about this: if there’s ever going to be a BB x DKNY, I’m so going to buy one 🙂

    • Many sleepless nights, Dex; you have no idea! These bags under my eyes have you to thank xo. My fatigue aside, I totally agree with you in that the company needs to find a niche in which they can be unique, work on their applications, and, ultimately, re-brand themselves.

      I’m all for an AlexWang edition; black on black on black.

  2. I’m going to be honest now: these designer/tech cooperations are just not for me since I don’t really care about this matter. So much for the topic of limited edition collaborations, I don’t think this is what could save a company.
    I was a bit shocked, however, to read that “Blackberry and iPhones are a fashionista’s only option.” Here we go again – this is a phenomenon that I cannot understand. Obviously, I have to agree that we see most people related to fashion run around with BB or A, and I ask myself, why? Simply, because it’s a trend/cool/hipster/whatever. A few years ago, when these phones were the best available phones (not talking about Vertu & Co. now), I could understand the hype. But nowadays, there a number of phones which are simply better than BB and come really-really close to Apple. And especially in the world of fashion, where pictures are important – I am always on the brink of crying during fashion weeks when wealthy guys and girls upload their übershitty pictures from the front row. I think Samsung new ad pretty much sums up what I’ve been writing about here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWnunavN4bQ
    /Btw, okay, DKNY sounds good. Can we still be friends? 🙂

    • Well, I would hope you would be honest with me, which I do appreciate! Every #T is entitled to their own opinion. Clearly, this type of collaboration wouldn’t “save the company”, but considering the steady decline in sales/customers/users, and the overwhelming interest in the fashion industry today, it’s a smart marketing ploy to change those stats; a step in the right direction. I understand that there’s many other alternatives to BB’s these days, and that surpass BB’s in terms of performance, but surely you can understand the headache of converting to a completely new operating system/platform. Personally, I use my BB for business and pleasure (more pleasure), and am used to the applications, how they work, where everything is, etc. Just like in fashion, some people connect with a certain label, and consistently go back. Also, re: your shock to Zach’s comment – he meant it as a clever observation, on account of the BB/iPhone’s monopolization; it’s the same as saying the Céline luggage tote was a fashionistas only option. Clearly, it’s not the “only” option. The instagram photos and poor quality twitpics during fashion week don’t bother me at all, to be honest, however wealthy, as you claim, these show attendees to be. They’re meant as teasers, regardless how shitty they turn out, for us followers, before the collection images are uploaded to the web.

      My direction/point of this post was for Blackberry to consider making a move in the fashion game, whereas yours (points) were slightly directed towards the consumers of smartphones, specifically Blackberry customers. Slight disconnect, but I hear you. That Samsung Galaxy II commercial is great. Did you really have to ask… FRIENDS FOREVER! xo


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