The dimmer switch seemed to have been tampered with since Sid Neigum‘s heavily aphotic FW11 collection, as spots of colour (literally) make an appearance for SS12, along with an overseas call to the Orient. My personality calls for a bit of colour, although I do admire those devout to an all-black-everything wardrobe.  Also, I’m not a super edgy Rick Owens-type cult member or an “experimentalist” who looks to “challenge convention and question tradition” as Neigum claims he/his brand’s “raison d’être” is.  However, my wardrobe and I are looking to adopt a more adventurous aesthetic for next season. Therefore, this collection strikes a great balance between my current comfort zone and pushing the/my envelope.

After scrolling through the 21-look lookbook (see below), I was immediately struck with fixtures of Oriental culture. The model’s long hair worn in a topknot on his head, along with his heavy facial hair, is evocative of the “Samuarai-style” way noble class men of Okinawa (Japan) wore their hair prior to the modern era. The long black pleated skirt comes from…

…the Japanese as well, and referred to as the “hakama“. The longer shirt shirtdress-like pieces run parallel to the kurta, a traditional item of clothing worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Neigum’s versions are fixed with his ” singularly dark esthetic”, and definitely speak to his experimental/forward-thinking vision

These 3 looks (above) tickle my fancy the most, particularly this celeste/turquoise asymmetrical semi-sleeveless leather jacket, where what’s left of the sleeves are welded down. May not be the most practical piece, but it’s visually appealing, stimulating, interesting, and just really cool. Also, that colour against my skin tone… #dead. All my friends in Toronto were on it last summer, but I never dived into the drop-crotch pants movement, which is slowly growing on me. Neigum’s version appear super comfy and unfussy, which are cornerstones of my summer wardrobe. A leather pocket on a sumptuous tee paired with done in that same leather (with new sunnies, of course)? Winner. Whenever Neigum’s stockist section is up and running, better know that I’ll be hunting and harassing retailers for both pieces. Spring/Summer can’t come sooner – maybe I’ll even wear a topknot?

Visit Sid Neigum.




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