From Birds of Paradise to Jaws? Apparently, that’s how the story is playing out, going into Riccardo’s FW12 collection for Givenchy. Preview images of the brand’s coveted tees for FW12 have been released, with the collection set to show during the menswear shows in Paris, beginning January 18th. If these tees are any indication of what he’ll send down the runway, it’s sure to be bloody great.




  1. If there is something I like more than Rottweilers it is most definitely SHARKS! Where can I line up to buy one of these shirts? I know it’s not even showing for 2 months but I am excited now

    • I’m always giddy with excitement for an upcoming Givenchy collection. One of my Twitter followers @iveshe mentioned that he hopes it’s not too gimmicky, and I have to agree with him. I’ve never hated or even mildly disagreed with any of Riccardo’s work at the house, so I’m sure I won’t have any complaints As far as where to grab a shirt, I have no clue. However, come post-collection/well into the summer, I’m sure they’ll be available.


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