No contest, I just thought it was hilarious to compare dot com with its “Canadian” “counterpart”.

While I’m on this train, let’s look at some actual STYLE.___ rivals around the world (they’re all under Condé Nast Digital), worthy of competing with the dot com behemoth:

STYLE.IT – Much more visually appealing than .COM (larger images/text, simpler layout), but it’s in all Italian, and the translator isn’t the greatest. Note: There was a full-blown Van Cleef ad in the background with a different colour header, etc. – to explain the half/half situation.

STYLE.CO.UK – It re-directs you to, which is quite blah, anyways.

Who wins in your books? Please, leave a comment down unda – I always appreciate what you #T’s have to say.



  1. looks like Teen Vogue or maybe Seventeen mag. I don’t think I have ever even visited it.

    • Neither had I, prior to Monday! Jaystrut and I are going to buy it out and overhaul the entire site with Canadian fashion content. #takingaction


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