My prayers have been answered. Today, Vogue and WGSN have launched the VOGUE ARCHIVE – an online reference tool giving you every page/cover/issue of the legendary magazine since it’s inception in 1892. There are far too many editorials and stories throughout Vogue’s history that I still search for online, as I don’t have them in print or would like them in a higher res, never having any luck. Now, after a few clicks, we’ll all have access to every jumping-model-David-Sims story, tumbl/tweet/share it with our friends, create high-quality, colourful  inspiration boards to slather every inch of our bedroom walls (you KNOW I will), and plenty more. Just when I thought there was no more time in the day to spend online, this happens. However, good things come at a price – as my excitement bubbles it quickly fizzles after beginning registration, and seeing the individual subscription cost: $1,575 – gasp. Maybe, I’ll hold off for now… sigh. Click below to play the intro video:

Source: voguearchive



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