My blog is quickly, and unexpectedly, becoming a shrine in honour of my girl, Nyasha Matonhodze (left) – can you blame me? She’s on the rise and taking names, Balenciaga-clad to boot. This shot from W Magazine‘s January 2012 story titled “Best in Class”, lensed by Emma Summerton and featuring a clique of British top models including Nyasha, Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne, and Jourdan Dunn (right), is inexplicably beautiful. Once news broke last week that confirmed Nyasha wasn’t named as a face for Balenciaga’s SS12 campaign, I was somewhat baffled, but not completely surprised. At least Edward Enninful, famed stylist-extraordinaire who styled this editorial, recognized Nyasha’s beauty and closing statement in the SS12 show, and showed Ashley Brokaw, who casts for Balenciaga, what she missed out on for the campaign.

Nyasha Matonhodze & Jourdan Dunn in "Best In Class" for W Magazine Jan 2012

Despite the impeccable nature of this shot, and the story as a whole, one flaw (minor to some/major to me) arose.Out of a 14-page story, Ms. Matonhodze only appeared in 2 shots, one of which I’m not so keen about (below) – it’s all Lily, whereas the other girls rank as follows:

  • Lily – 9 pages
  • Cara – 8 pages
  • Jourdan – 6 pages
  • Nyasha – 2 pages

Luckily, the shot with Jourdan (above) is wildly captivating, visually stimulating, and memorable, which makes up for the lackluster that is the other. Also, she was the only girl to not receive a solo shot in the entire story (thumbs down) which I don’t quite comprehend. We’ve seen how editor’s can be  very violent in their slashing editing when making selects for the final story, which could’ve been the case. Hard to fathom, but it is what it is.

Nyasha Matonhodze & Lily Donaldson in "Best In Class" for W Magazine Jan 2012

Click here to see the full story.

Source: thefashionspot



  1. Good morning.
    I find it in two shots.
    with Jourdan, they just make me want to wear hats, so they look incredibly beautiful.

    with Lyly, offer something attractive. refined.

    she snaps,


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