According to Bryanboy, who’s always on the pulse in fashion.

This is probably the best Xmas gift, ever. After a whirlwind of  uncertainty and speculation, the verdict is in; Raf Simons, of Jil Sander and his own eponymous lines of menswear, has been named (rumour until Dior confirms) as Galliano’s successor at Christian Dior. Raf is one of my favourite designers in the game, and his work has been nothing but exciting, focused, cutting-edge, all while maintaining couture sensibilities, which is why this new appointment is so enthralling. More to come once the holy grail of confirmation confirms, in this case from Dior.

WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? Surprised? Shocked? Disappointed? Ecstatic? Let me know, below!



  1. Until Dior officially announces this move, I’m going to hold off on my excitement. I was madly in love with Galliano’s Couture shows (the outfits, the details, the theatrics) but I think Simons may be the right guy for the job. The rumour mill has pumped out a few names for Dior, the latest being Marc Jacobs, and yet there is still no designer. If this rumour does prove to be true, I can’t wait for his first Dior Couture show, it will be a complete 180 from Galliano’s.


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