Joyeux Vendredi, which means A. Don’t forget to tweet your #FF’s (feel free to include @lebigt), and B. Here is my winning (pun – wait for it) pick in street style this week! Triumphant from a Parisian street tussle, on his way back from being bandaged up (hypothetically), this gentleman’s look kicked ass and won me over. From the tugged-on tee, tousled denim shirt, and x2 well-placed tears in his well-tapered denim, these lovely details corroborate with my production/version of the story. What I particularly love about this look, and still need to acquire for myself, is the leather-sleeved wool pea coat avec collar pop, slung over his right side as the cast wouldn’t fit through that arm hole, or he refused to stretch the sumptuous nappa of such a beautifully-crafted/cut and mostly likely bank-breaking coat (I’m going with option 2). One of my favourite Canadian labels wings+horns did a similar pea coat for FW10 (after the jump), for which I would still do unspeakable things to get one on my back. It’s that perfect mix of classic and cool; tossed in with “tattered” clothes and white-soled Red Wing-like boots, you’ve got a hit on your hands. Again, like Ben, I’m a sucker for those who make get-up-and-go look good great.

wings+horns FW10 Navy Wool & Leather Pea Coat w/ leather pocket detailing

Source: blog.stylesight, selectism


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