It was bad enough to witness street style marvel Anna Dello Russo, Fashion Editor/Editor-at-Large of Vogue Japan, wearing this Fausto Puglisi frock to no end (see here), but now her undying support for the designer has manifested into print, in the pages of her magazine. This is a prime example of overkill, as she’s repeatedly been seen/photographed whoring out the dress in many variations/colours during fashion month. Despite my distaste for the frock, one could argue that the collaboration of Puglisi and Dello Russo was genius; she single-handedly, and perhaps unconsciously, (continues to) put on a Fausto Puglisi fashion show for the most important eyes in fashion, regardless if they would’ve attended or not, as she attends the most important shows of the season, which a relatively unknown designer with no runway show of his/her own could only dream of – right?

Although she didn’t style this editorial (credit goes to Sissy Vian), her post at the magazine and influence is, not only behind, but unmistakably written all over this. All in all, I’m over this dress, period, whether it’s on Anna or not. Speaking of things being over, didn’t the incredibly popular November 2011-launched Versace x H&M Fall 2011 collection/collaboration sell out worldwide? If so, I’m confused as to why they would use pieces from the collec (below) in a February 2012 (3 months later) issue. Like, been there done that. #ontothenextone – MARNI!

Source: models.com


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