The Givenchy rottweiler t-shirt of Fall 2011 reached accredited tumblr fame (yes, I said it) and solidified itself as the piece to have/wear/get snapped by every street style photographer alive. Not only could you only find it on eBay selling for approx. double it’s original retail value, not long after hitting the shelves of both online and brick+mortar retailers, but it sprung a new wave of “the unmistakable luxury t-shirt”. The combination of a lower/accessible price point (compared to the rest of the collection(s)) and design that evokes the tone/feel of the collection and/or brand, makes it a winner ($). I took to one of my favourite/the few great online menswear retailers, Mr. Porter, to find the next crop of covetablet-shirts we speak of for the season (click a below to find out more + shop). Personally, I’ve got my eye on the ‘Ankara’ print Burberry Prorsum from SS12 (top right) – mouse off.







  1. I agree with the ‘Ankara’ print Burberry Prorsum one (it’s my second fave), the one that has me drooling is the YSL Leopard one, but we both know I am a huge sucker for leopard print!!! I love McQueen but I still find it tough to picture myself in skulls; I think it’s a Christian Audiger/Ed Hardy thing.


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