Smiling, that is.

Forced, unauthentic, uncomfort-inducing, contrived (shall I go on?), are all adjectives that pertain to Arizona Muse‘s grin on the latest cover of British Vogue – February 2012 (enlarge). As painful as it is to look at on such a fresh and optimistic spring cover, it doesn’t stop there – check out her Isabel Marant SS12 ad campaign (after the jump) where she continues to delight us with flashes of her pearly whites that aren’t awkward or at all brazenly fake, and and a wonderfully placed hand across her forehead (please note heavy sarcasm).

My good Twitter friend Sergio (@SergioKletnoy), sounded off this morning re: Arizona’s venture into lackluster-ville, referring to her last few campaigns/work in general, and I do agree with him. Personally, I don’t feel that she’s as exciting, and doesn’t induce the gasp as when she first blew up on the scene, and her unimproved, treacherous runway walk doesn’t help.



1 Comment

  1. To me, she has to be well connected or have someone paying someone, because magazines keep trying to make her happen.


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