Because I’m a very good friend of Raf Simons, we went for coffee the day after he presented his eponymous FW12 collection in Paris two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the show for reasons I cannot disclose. I won’t go into details from our conversation (to respect his privacy), but he had 3 things to say about his collection (which we scrolled through on his iPad via the app):

1. Culla. In a sea of black and muted neutrals, stand the fuck out somehow.

2. Clip-on h’weaves are now a man’s best friend. I’d like to see Andrew of pullteeth get on this asap.

3. The bigger, the better. All those shirts your parents passed down that you claimed were “too big” are actually considered “oversized”; wear them.

*I do not personally know Mr. Raf Simons nor did we go on a coffee date, although I do think he’d be  an interesting person to go for coffee with.*

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