Despite donning the most colour-infused looks of the collection, Jeneil Williams (at Nathalie) and Liu Wen (at Marilyn) represented all the colour for their counterparts during the Balenciaga FW12 show, being the only two girls of colour to walk in the sky high office space. A trend I’ve noticed, specifically with Ashley Brokaw, top casting director who’s clients include Balenciaga, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rag&Bone, is that her casting for Balenciaga is limited to one black girl, who changes every season, and the invariable Asian girl, Liu Wen, for the girls of colour – that’s it. The rest, a vanilla sea mixed with newcomers and the established. See for yourself:

FW12 – Jeneil Williams | Liu Wen

SS12 – Nyasha Matonhodze | Liu Wen

FW11 – Liya Kebede | Liu Wen

SS11 – Chanel Iman | Liu Wen

FW10 – Liya Kebede | Liu Wen

SS10 – Chanel Iman | Liu Wen

Would love to lunch with Brokaw, and a select few other casting directors, to pick her brain as I’ve longtime been fascinated by the competitive casting arena and the strategic choices made for each client. #T’s, thoughts?

Source: 1



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