Or, you get heckled, aggressively. Following Alber Elbaz‘s 10th anniversary collection for Lanvin last week in Paris, his finale bow took the form of a few words and a song (a snippet of Que Sera, Sera), on a stage which opened up behind the runway backdrop post models clearing the runway. The show goer who shakily lensed this video was amongst the roaring audience and close enough to the photographer’s pit to capture the madness. Starting from 10:00 (below), you can hear the photographer’s wrath, “asking” people to sit down, as their lenses were obstructed. First in French, “Assirent! Assirent!“, then in English, “Sit down! Sit down!!” (how thoughtful), and even throwing in a “please”, which leads into a collective chant (back to French) – they have each other’s back. Keeping in mind these are the people who shoot the archival images I revel in on the daily, I would’ve sat the fuck down.

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You’ll have to excuse my absence last Monday as I was out of town for work! #T’s (and Missy, of course), I will surely make it up to you. But, let’s not dwell in the past – it’s the 4th installment of MISDEMEANOR MONDAY! I love watching old talk show segments of my favourite celebs (guilty pleasure). Any clip of Don Rickles on The Late Show avec Letterman is absolute gold and gets me every time. This weekend, I found this vintage segment of the Misdemeanor, rocking a divine olive green Adidas (who else) track jacket and matching cargos, on Ellen back in 2004, before she (Ellen) had a stylist. Missy’s swagger is infectious, along with her humility and sweet smile. It wouldn’t be The Ellen Degeneres show if dancing wasn’t involved, so Missy gives Ellen a 1-on-1 tutorial on how to Work It


Canadian beauty [yeah, that’s right – representing] Grace Mahary was the 3rd exit out during the highly-anticipated Givenchy FW12 show in Paris last night. Signed with WM Paris and Elmer Olsen MM in Toronto (mother agent), this was her runway debut in the high fashion circuit, and what a debut it was; a Givenchy exclusive. As part of a diverse cast of coloured beauties, including Daniela Braga (Next NY), Grace Bol (WM Paris), Ajak Deng (IMG), Joan Smalls (IMG), and Cora Emmanuel (Ford), Grace’s uniquely Eritrean features (those eyes) stood apart from the rest. Exclusives, especially those of the Givenchy nature, only mean one thing: watch out for her. This is a prime example of what Canadian soil can do. Check out her darling video after the jump.

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Pardon the late post! Longest day… of my life. I leave next week, so my plate is full of things to get done prior. Anyways, I digress; it’s Monday aka #MISDEMEANORMONDAY, #2! If you failed to read the first installment, I’ll be dedicating a post to Missy Elliot every Monday until her highly-anticipated 7th studio album, Block Party, drops in the spring/summer. As the Grammy Awards were last night, it’s only fitting that we relish in Missy’s 5 Grammy Award-winning tracks, including the following:

  • 2002, Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: “Lady Marmalade” (Producer)
  • 2002, Best Rap Solo Performance: “Get Ur Freak On
  • 2003, Best Female Rap Solo Performance: “Scream a.k.a. Itchin” 
  • 2004, Best Female Rap Solo Performance: “Work It” 
  • 2006, Best Short Form Video: “Lose Control


What a night; heavy lip-syncing (I don’t blame her), superstar backup dancers (Nicki + M.I.A.), custom Givenchy x3 (the heart strings were tugged, and damaged), and a sequined homage to André Leon Talley (C-Lo). The  Madonna Bowl was pretty spectacular; so spectacular that it managed to crash the Twitter app on my Blackberry – not surprised:

Cray. I’d add a sister “cray” to that, had the Misdemeanor been performing alongside the Material Girl. Yes, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott – you remember her, right? Would’ve made total marketing sense too, since A. She and Madonna do make a hell of a team (see past GAP commercial below) and B. her 7th studio album, entitled Block Party and produced primarily by Timbaland, is apparently set to release this spring (or summer). Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard a a whisper about it until I randomly Wikipedia’d her after listening to a slew of throwback tracks, including Supa Dupa Fly (below), Beep Me 911, and Sock It 2 Me. Fuck, she’s such a boss and I’ve been listening to/watching her since she made a garbage bag look “supa dupa fly” in ’97, which is why I’m starting Misdemeanor Mondays on LEBIGT BLOG. I’ll be posting something Missy related (mostly songs/videos) every Monday  until the day Block Party drops. Missy, hurry back to the forefront and don’t forget the PVC.


It it so refreshing to see a model, 2 years in the game, be so aware and realistic about his goals in the industry. Kudos to VNY Model Management and their management of rising star Corey Baptiste, who explains to Vogue Black Editor-at-Large, and legendary model/agent/acitvist Bethann Hardison, that it takes patience, motivation, and confidence for one to make it and stay sane in this volatile business. The past face of DKNY, Benetton, and Kenzo, Corey expresses his hopes for a black man to walk for Prada, whether it be him or his rival/friend David Agbodji, and open the door for other black male models, who don’t get much attention in the European markets. He wants those “big name” designers to say “they can obviously do it”, which I find incredibly ambitious, and timely, as the emergence of colored models in the blue chip arena these days is steadily on the rise. So young, so smart, so grounded, and so beautiful; he’s a boy from the Bronx who wants to change the game, give back, and make his momma proud.

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Slowly, but surely, I’ll begin to both sing praise and brutally thrash the FW12 menswear collections. The weekend is now upon us, which means I have some time to sit down and carefully go through the shows and construct an opinion. Calvin Klein Collection is always a favourite, and Italo Zucchelli delivered another home run. Apart from the flawlessly foward-thinking, minimalist aesthetic-bearing, ultra luxury-evoking clothes (all the croc paneling/separates and those matte iridescent pieces), the casting was the other impeccable story here. From the current face of Givenchy, Simone Nobili, to past faces of Calvin Klein, Dmitriy Tanner and David Agbodji, to the runway favourites including O’Shea Robertson, Simon Nessman, and Sebastian Sauvé, the gorgeous-faced exits didn’t stop. Exclusive to CK this season were the highly buzzed about Australian twins Jordan & Zac Stenmark, who opened/closed the show (Zac opened, Jordan closed). Dear Jennifer Venditti (casting director for this and other high profile shows), thank you. Gushing about a well edited and beautifully executed collection is one thing, but watching it for yourself is another:

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Personalized Polka-dotted Louis Vuitton Ellipse bag by Yayoi Kusama

We sensed that Yayoi Kusama’s endless dots would echo a while in Marc Jacobs’ mind“, stated the narrator as Marc Jacobs and famed-Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama part ways (watch the video below + start at 2:48) in the 2007 critically acclaimed documentary “Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton“. 5 years of endless echoing has finally brought upon us, as confirmed by fashion journalist Jim Shi on Twitter, a wonderful collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the self-proclaimed “obsessive artist” Yayoi Kusama, set to release in July 2012. With the extreme success of past collaborations with renowned artists, including Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse, there’s no doubt that this polka dot slathered collection will dazzle the eyes of LV fanatics across the globe. The bags will surely be the bread winner of this full collection, which will also include Ready-To-Wear, shoes, accessories, watches, and jewellery. The July 2012 release is quite timely, as it lands roughly in the middle of LV’s highly-anticipated Marc Jacobs exhibition, which will run from March 9 until September 16 at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Screen grab from the 2007 documentary "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton".

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This was 48 minutes of torture;  not only for me, but for the interviewee, Karl Lagerfeld. The annual European online conference, LeWeb,  invited the Kaiser to discuss fashion and technology; fitting, as he’s the most on-the-beat designer when it comes to embracing technology (*ahem*). It could’ve truly been a fantastic and eye-opening experience if it weren’t for the joke of a host. He was awkward, invasive, inattentive, and absolutely clueless about Lagerfeld. I’m no expert, but isn’t rule #1 for an interviewer to know your subject? Dude could’ve at least quickly skimmed through Wikipedia prior to the interview – what a shame. However, we now know what’s in Karl’s “wallet” (a very chic black portfolio), including an iPad, 4 iPhones (#boss), 3 iPods, and pills for lunch & dinner (oh yeah, he’s up there). Also, Natalie  Massenet of NET-A-PORTER makes a classy appearance during the interview to officially announce the launch of Karl’s online collection on January 25th (see my VIDEO OF THE WEEK), which will be exclusively online, going directly to the consumer first, as opposed to the fashion press. If you have 48 mins of spare time + the stomach for it, press play:


Andrew Mukamal sounds off, via his daily vlog Today’s Look (I’m a fan – check it out), about why Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys NY was a total tickity miss, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Watch:

Do you agree or disagree with Andrew and I? Tell me why below, or tell Andrew yourself here.


Talk about fast fashion. After only just a week after the world went bananas and cleared the racks of the Versace collaboration with H&M, the Swedish retailer has announced that the house of Marni, headed by its founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni (forever chic), will be the next fashion house to design a collection for the masses.  Known for their bold and inventive prints/textures, the collection for both men (YES) and women will be available March 8th, 2012 in over 260 stores worldwide and online (try not to crash the site this time around, people).

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Photographer: Magnus Magnusson – Source: H&M