Left: Pringle of Scotland PF12 -- Right: Balenciaga FW10 (click to enlarge)

After four years as head of show collections under Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, the label’s unmistakable aesthetic and identity is sure to embed itself in one’s DNA. Alistair Carr, current design director at Pringle of Scotland, proved with his latest and first Pre-Fall collection for the famed knitwear label that you can take the man out of Balenciaga, but you cannot take Balenciaga out of the man.

I couldn’t help but draw distinct parallels between Pringle’s Pre-Fall 2012 (left) and Balenciaga FW10 (right), which he would’ve been overseeing during his tenure. The  shirt collars are high and done up, worn under delicate sweaters laced with intricate, geometric patterned detailing, which carries into short skirts (click image to enlarge and see matching detailing, especially on the Pringle skirt). Finally, bare stems make the trip downwards into relatively colourful above-the-ankle footwear. Coincidence? Hardly. Influenced? Surely. Pringle appointed Carr to move the label forward, while still remaining true to its 200-year heritage, and there is no other forward-thinking, innovative, complexly alluring label like BalencyB (yes, that’s what we #T’s call it – #dealwithit).

Check out the entire Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2012 collection, here.

P.S. I would do unspeakable things for that bomber on Magda; that is all.

Source: vogue