Canadian beauty [yeah, that’s right – representing] Grace Mahary was the 3rd exit out during the highly-anticipated Givenchy FW12 show in Paris last night. Signed with WM Paris and Elmer Olsen MM in Toronto (mother agent), this was her runway debut in the high fashion circuit, and what a debut it was; a Givenchy exclusive. As part of a diverse cast of coloured beauties, including Daniela Braga (Next NY), Grace Bol (WM Paris), Ajak Deng (IMG), Joan Smalls (IMG), and Cora Emmanuel (Ford), Grace’s uniquely Eritrean features (those eyes) stood apart from the rest. Exclusives, especially those of the Givenchy nature, only mean one thing: watch out for her. This is a prime example of what Canadian soil can do. Check out her darling video after the jump.

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The Givenchy rottweiler t-shirt of Fall 2011 reached accredited tumblr fame (yes, I said it) and solidified itself as the piece to have/wear/get snapped by every street style photographer alive. Not only could you only find it on eBay selling for approx. double it’s original retail value, not long after hitting the shelves of both online and brick+mortar retailers, but it sprung a new wave of “the unmistakable luxury t-shirt”. The combination of a lower/accessible price point (compared to the rest of the collection(s)) and design that evokes the tone/feel of the collection and/or brand, makes it a winner ($). I took to one of my favourite/the few great online menswear retailers, Mr. Porter, to find the next crop of covetablet-shirts we speak of for the season (click a below to find out more + shop). Personally, I’ve got my eye on the ‘Ankara’ print Burberry Prorsum from SS12 (top right) – mouse off.






In Givenchy, no less. Shot by Fábio Bartelt, and airbrushed by only god knows who but should win an award, Lea looks more stunning and aesthetically feminine than I’ve ever seen her. The angle is perfect, alleviating the severity of her pronounced jaw line to appear much softer and lady-like. She’s working those wavy ombré locks like rent was due, not to mention the subtle, but evident, booty tooch (Tyra always seeps into one’s subconscious). The look from Resort 2012 is divine, and a heavenly choice, as it really hasn’t yet made that editorial impact I thought it would. Overall, absolutely gorgeous. Lea, with this cover, I officially inaugurate you into the holy #T.



From Birds of Paradise to Jaws? Apparently, that’s how the story is playing out, going into Riccardo’s FW12 collection for Givenchy. Preview images of the brand’s coveted tees for FW12 have been released, with the collection set to show during the menswear shows in Paris, beginning January 18th. If these tees are any indication of what he’ll send down the runway, it’s sure to be bloody great.

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Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of street style photos I go through on the daily via my Tumblr dashboard, this particular London bloke takes the cake this week. Rocking Givenchy (coat – which looks quite similar to this one from Celine Resort 2012) on notorious Givenchy (sweater), this look evokes attitude and an interesting juxtaposition between a dandy and careless rebellion. I’m even feeling the little flip in his hair – #thelittlethings. This photo was taken by Phil Oh of the phenomenal Street Peeper. Also, Happy Friday, and don’t forget to tweet your #FF’s!