The dimmer switch seemed to have been tampered with since Sid Neigum‘s heavily aphotic FW11 collection, as spots of colour (literally) make an appearance for SS12, along with an overseas call to the Orient. My personality calls for a bit of colour, although I do admire those devout to an all-black-everything wardrobe.  Also, I’m not a super edgy Rick Owens-type cult member or an “experimentalist” who looks to “challenge convention and question tradition” as Neigum claims he/his brand’s “raison d’être” is.  However, my wardrobe and I are looking to adopt a more adventurous aesthetic for next season. Therefore, this collection strikes a great balance between my current comfort zone and pushing the/my envelope.

After scrolling through the 21-look lookbook (see below), I was immediately struck with fixtures of Oriental culture. The model’s long hair worn in a topknot on his head, along with his heavy facial hair, is evocative of the “Samuarai-style” way noble class men of Okinawa (Japan) wore their hair prior to the modern era. The long black pleated skirt comes from… Continue reading