The two biggest shows (Prada & Louis Vuitton) in the two biggest fashion capitals have spoken: skirts over trousers is the way to go for Fall 2012.

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This track called “Dirt” by Tobacco from his 2008 album Fucked Up Friends, has been on repeat throughout my entire weekend – I’ve yet to stop bouncing. The first time I heard this deliciously gritty beat was a snippet from Prada‘s SS12 women’s ad campaign video (see below), who’s playlist was most likely coordinated by the brilliant Frederic Sanchez (he produces all of Prada’s runway soundtracks along with several other labels). Thanks to Korey Lartigue (@korewhore) and his phenomenal runway music blog, which had the playlist outlined, I managed to find the full-length song. The head-bouncing hip-hop beat combined with electronic synthesizers feels retro and modern both at once. I’ll turn off the repeat function when I feel like it. Also, Aesop Rock is featured on the track. Enjoy.

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It it so refreshing to see a model, 2 years in the game, be so aware and realistic about his goals in the industry. Kudos to VNY Model Management and their management of rising star Corey Baptiste, who explains to Vogue Black Editor-at-Large, and legendary model/agent/acitvist Bethann Hardison, that it takes patience, motivation, and confidence for one to make it and stay sane in this volatile business. The past face of DKNY, Benetton, and Kenzo, Corey expresses his hopes for a black man to walk for Prada, whether it be him or his rival/friend David Agbodji, and open the door for other black male models, who don’t get much attention in the European markets. He wants those “big name” designers to say “they can obviously do it”, which I find incredibly ambitious, and timely, as the emergence of colored models in the blue chip arena these days is steadily on the rise. So young, so smart, so grounded, and so beautiful; he’s a boy from the Bronx who wants to change the game, give back, and make his momma proud.

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カレンダーをマーク (I’ll let you figure that one out on your own)。The Asian market has been a key player in the overwhelming success and growth of Prada in the luxury arena. Prada SpA, in addition to their highly-anticipated bi-annual shows during Milan Fashion Week, have been staging runway shows in key Asian cities vital to their thriving business. The SS11 collection was duplicated and tweaked for a doppelganger runway presentation in Beijing. The Hong Kong elite were invited to a very exclusive presentation of the FW11 collection, and SS12 takes us to Tokyo, next week. The poster (above) is pretty self-explanatory, so… take a look. For those of you on my end of the planet who are wanting to watch the show, note the time difference: Continue reading