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This was 48 minutes of torture;  not only for me, but for the interviewee, Karl Lagerfeld. The annual European online conference, LeWeb,  invited the Kaiser to discuss fashion and technology; fitting, as he’s the most on-the-beat designer when it comes to embracing technology (*ahem*). It could’ve truly been a fantastic and eye-opening experience if it weren’t for the joke of a host. He was awkward, invasive, inattentive, and absolutely clueless about Lagerfeld. I’m no expert, but isn’t rule #1 for an interviewer to know your subject? Dude could’ve at least quickly skimmed through Wikipedia prior to the interview – what a shame. However, we now know what’s in Karl’s “wallet” (a very chic black portfolio), including an iPad, 4 iPhones (#boss), 3 iPods, and pills for lunch & dinner (oh yeah, he’s up there). Also, Natalie  Massenet of NET-A-PORTER makes a classy appearance during the interview to officially announce the launch of Karl’s online collection on January 25th (see my VIDEO OF THE WEEK), which will be exclusively online, going directly to the consumer first, as opposed to the fashion press. If you have 48 mins of spare time + the stomach for it, press play:


With the steady decline of Blackberry sales, and popularity vs. the iPhone, it’s time for RIM to shake things up a bit, no?. Recently, I was tweeting back and forth with a fellow #T, Zachary Todd of Ostentology and Personally Public Relations, regarding the blind eye RIM is turning to catering to the fashion crowd. “Look at any Fashion week street photos and you’ll find that Blackberry and iPhones are a fashionista’s only option. #realtalk”. Zach’s right, but Apple has already embraced fashion, and continues to do so, with the thousands of apps for labels, magazines, etc. Meanwhile, Blackberry lingers, riding on the coat tails of BBM. RIM, it’s time to make a move; a series of limited edition collaborations sounds like it would do the trick.

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