Ben, shot by Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style, is my numéro uno in street style this week, as we bid adieu to a very successful Movember and the upper lip hair that came with it (my team raised $3000, contributing to Canada‘s leading total of $38M, $81K of which was raised by a single person and the top individual fundraiser nationally, Neil Rossy – uh, Neil, that shit cray). While Ben’s look is a total 180 from last week’s bloke, I love how casual, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish it is. The fit is on point, especially the chinos, and you can tell that it’s his personal sense of style – easy, unfussy, get-up-and-go; he looks great. And, of course, the mustache – the only accessory to have in the 11th month. Happy Friday, #T’s!

Source: chicagostreetstyle.com


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