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Despite donning the most colour-infused looks of the collection, Jeneil Williams (at Nathalie) and Liu Wen (at Marilyn) represented all the colour for their counterparts during the Balenciaga FW12 show, being the only two girls of colour to walk in the sky high office space. A trend I’ve noticed, specifically with Ashley Brokaw, top casting director who’s clients include Balenciaga, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rag&Bone, is that her casting for Balenciaga is limited to one black girl, who changes every season, and the invariable Asian girl, Liu Wen, for the girls of colour – that’s it. The rest, a vanilla sea mixed with newcomers and the established. See for yourself:

FW12 – Jeneil Williams | Liu Wen

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So, I just realized that the inordinate amount of hits my blog received on Jan 17th was because of Prabal Gurung! Whoever runs his FB/social media decided the post I wrote about the lack of his clothes on the Golden Globes red carpet (see post here) was worthy enough to be shared with their 25,795 Facebook fans (and counting). Prabal and co., I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and merci for the share! xo

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No contest, I just thought it was hilarious to compare dot com with its “Canadian” “counterpart”.

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With the steady decline of Blackberry sales, and popularity vs. the iPhone, it’s time for RIM to shake things up a bit, no?. Recently, I was tweeting back and forth with a fellow #T, Zachary Todd of Ostentology and Personally Public Relations, regarding the blind eye RIM is turning to catering to the fashion crowd. “Look at any Fashion week street photos and you’ll find that Blackberry and iPhones are a fashionista’s only option. #realtalk”. Zach’s right, but Apple has already embraced fashion, and continues to do so, with the thousands of apps for labels, magazines, etc. Meanwhile, Blackberry lingers, riding on the coat tails of BBM. RIM, it’s time to make a move; a series of limited edition collaborations sounds like it would do the trick.

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